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20 Ways to Make Your Wedding Unique

Before you become a bride yourself, chances are you have been to many weddings. You have probably been a bridesmaid in a few as well. When it comes time to your wedding and you want it to stand out from the other more traditional, kitschy weddings, then try out a few of the tips below.


  1. Think about what you and your fiancé love to do, what your passions are, and incorporate them into the wedding theme. If you love to read, then stack vintage books on the table as a centerpiece. If he loves music, use some old vinyl records as plate chargers. Do you have a favourite book or film? Then plan your theme around them. There are some great “Alice in Wonderland” or “Up” themed weddings ideas out there.
  2. Arrange family wedding photos or pictures of passed loved ones that you wish could be at the wedding. Display these in vintage frames at the ceremony or reception. It will provide a great talking point for guests, as well as a tribute.
  3. Not a fan of the traditional guestbook idea? Have your guests sign a large piece of pottery that can be displayed in your home for years to come. Another idea is the leave a card and pen at everyone’s setting asking them to write down tips for a happy marriage or favorite memories of you both as a couple.
  4. Include your pets in your big day. You could have them as a ring bearer or a cute motif on you menus. Remember to get a picture of the you, your groom, and your pet for a lovely family photo.
  5. Personalise button badges and create fun photo props that guests can use later at the reception for some fun pictures.
  6. Only spend a lot of favours if you really love them. Guests will only remember the truly unique parts of your wedding. To save money why not spend a night with your bridesmaids putting together mason jars of cookie or brownies ingredients to pass out as favours. You could even make chocolate truffles and then box them up with a personalized label.
  7. Ask you florist to design the centerpieces with multiple mini vases so guests can take them home as a wedding favour.
  8. Use paper lanterns to decorate your venue. They are incredibly cheap and cheerful. Paper in general is a great way to decorate a venue. You can use paper pompoms, buntings, streamers, etc. Bonus, check online for these items to save even more.
  9. If you are using a rustic or barn theme, why not use straw bales for seats. Simply cover them with old table clothes for comfort.
  10. Use unusual vases for flowers, such as jugs or glass jars. You can decorate these with lace or ribbons. Plus these can be picked up for a bargain and boot sales or charity shops.
  11. Blackboards are great way to communicate to your guest. Write favourite sayings or romantic quotes on them. You can even use a large one to display the menu, instead of printing them out on paper.
  12. Ask your florist to make you a crown of flowers instead of a bouquet. It will give a very pagan feel to the ceremony as well as a great hair accessory.
  13. There are many different alternatives to have a flower wedding bouquet. They can be made from paper flowers, buttons, lollipops, broaches, etc. There are some pretty beautiful ones if you look around. These can even be extended out to your groom and bridal party.
  14. Choose an unusual venue for your wedding. Again, choose a place that has special meaning to you and your fiancé. You would be surprised by where some wedding have been held. Try the library, the aquarium, or even the old train station. Then have the reception at a stylish restaurant or even at home.
  15. Some unique touches require some allocated money to pay for them. If you have your heart set on a chocolate fountain or a photo booth, go for it! Just make sure to be reasonable and try to narrow it down to one big purchase.
  16. You could set up your own guest photo booth with personalized props/boards for your guests to write silly messages.
  17. Traditional wedding cakes are almost a thing of the past. Today brides are choosing to serve chocolates, macaroon towers, cupcakes, cheese cakes, or even a fun dessert/sweet
  18. Drinks at a wedding can be a big part of your budget. Why not stick to a signature cocktail for both your and your groom. Give it fun, memorable name and your guests will be sure to enjoy it.
  19. Not everyone gets married in a church, so here you can create your own “alter.” There are so many options that can be created here. You can use multi-coloured ribbons or crepe paper, large paper pompoms, drapes of light fabric. If you are getting married outside, why not hang jars of candles or flowers as a back drop. You could even make an arch out of old books. Really, the sky is the limit on this one.
  20. Lastly, write your own vows. This can be an intimate and beautiful thing to share with each other and with your guests. After the wedding, have these printed out on canvas and hung about your bed for a lasting memory and reminder to each other.

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