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Guide to – What’s in Name Change After Marriage

This has become a universal question for the girls “Is it necessary to change name after marriage”. Time has changed and there are a lot of options available for the women (and the husbands too!). The best part is, it totally depends on you. Here is a bit of help for those who are thinking about changing their names after marriage. How you can go for changing your name and what all you can opt for.

•Decided to take your husband’s name:
The most common and popular scenario is where a woman takes her husband’s name. To update all your records, you can just use your marriage certificate as a name change proof.

•Title when taking your husband’s name:
While taking your husband’s name, it is a common practice to change your title to ‘Mrs’ however there is no compulsion of doing so. If you want to keep your current title, mention it while updating all your records, because it is assumed that now you wish to be addressed as ‘Mrs’. It seems a favorable choice to take the title ‘Ms’ which doesn’t show your marital status.

•Maiden name for work purposes and married name for official documents:
This is one of the most popular choices for the women who have build up good professional reputation with their maiden name. You can keep married name for official documents like passport, bank statements.

•Keeping maiden name notification:
You do not need to notify anyone if you keep your maiden name unless you want to change your title as that would need to update your records. In this case, you have to notify the concerned department. You can get the offices nearby London event spaces.

•Title with your maiden name:
It is completely your choice to keep your existing title or to change it. There is no such formal process to change your title. All you need to do is write a letter to record keepers to modify your title.

•You and your husband want to take the same surname:
If both husband and wife wish to take the same new surname, using a deed poll is the best and easiest option. Deed poll is a legal document which plays a role of a proof of name change. You can fill the online application and the process is simple.

•Title after marriage:
It is completely your choice which title you wish to have Mrs. Miss or Ms.

•Maiden name as a middle name and husband’s surname as yours surname
In today’s generation, women wish to keep up the tradition by holding their husband’s surname and also keeping the maiden name to maintain the link with her family name. This can be done through deed poll which can be applied online.

•Same title and name in all documents:
Your name and title should be the same on all your documents like driving licence, passport, bank statements, etc. Try to update all your documents as quick as possible to avoid any discrepancies between the documents.

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