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How to Plan a Wedding on a Budget

Planning a wedding on a budget can be tough, but it is possible to have the wedding of your dreams without forking out big bucks. A simple tip to remember is that it is all about being clever, cautious, and creative, we call these the three C’s. Be clever, do some research. Be cautious, plan ahead, do not rush into anything. Be creative, DIY or call on creative friends and family to help out.

Here are some other tips that can help you save and plan your dream wedding on a tight budget.


Starting with the wedding dress, look for smaller designers for affordable dresses. Etsy is a great place to find local designers who can customize a dress just for you and for a great price. Also, some retails stores such as Monsoon or Debenhams have a lovely wedding dress line. The range of dresses is very impressive and the price range is nice as well. If you have your heart set on a designer dress, there are several ways to get that look for less. Sample sales and buying second hand are just two ways to get a designer dress. Look around in your area for warehouses that sell off the rack wedding gowns to also save big. As for shoes, unless you are wearing a short or tea length gown, do not fret. No one is really going to see them, so wear a pair of heels or flats that you are comfortable in. Possibly even a pair you already own.

The number one complaint from bridesmaids is, “I will never wear this dress again.” It is hard to fork out a large some of cash on something that is just going to sit in a closet. Again, find boutiques that sell chic bridesmaid dresses for less. Monsoon is great, as well as Phase 8 and Coast. If you can get these dresses during an annual sale, than you and your bridesmaids can save a lot of cash. Also, think about letting your bridesmaid wear short dresses, as they can be worn more often than a long, glamour gown.

Paying for a photographer can take a big chunk out of your wedding budget. Most wedding photographers come for the whole day, so talk to them about coming for only a few hours to get the important stuff on film. Plan your ceremony and reception activities in time with the hours you are paying them to ensure you get the cake cutting and first dance captured. If your photographer allows, do not pay for them to print your photographs. You can do this yourself for a fraction of the price at Boots or IPhoto.

When choosing a venue the prices tend to be much higher if you plan on booking it on a weekend or even a Thursday. If you manage to book your venue during the week, the venue will be a steal. Also, book your venue at least a year in advance. Venue prices continue to rise every year, make sure you get the best price. Do not be timid about asking for a discount. Ask for a discount every single time, you never know until you ask and you might be surprised what they will offer. Think about what time you want the venue for as well. The longer your guests attend the wedding, the bigger the budget will be. To save, consider a candle-lit evening ceremony. Having an evening ceremony will cut out the cost of cocktail hour and move straight to dinner.  Another idea is to have a ceremony in the morning and serve a small brunch, buffet style food.

Speaking of food, do not have a sit-down diner. These dinners cost a fortune to staff. Instead consider a buffet style or even a BBQ or picnic. In terms of wedding cakes, instead of going for a high priced baker, Waitrose and M&S can make a beautiful wedding cake for a small price. If you are not keen of cake, try serving pudding or even a cake made from cheese. There are loads of new ways to surprise and impress, you can get cocktails that cost less than regular straight champagne. Cocktails can get more creative and you can even invent your own signature drinks. For more ideas check out Wedding Menus London for more food ideas.

Wedding flower, if kept simple can be down by friends and family. If you go with real flowers they will need to be done the morning of the wedding, so make sure you r friends are reliable. Try looking at your local flower market and by in season. Peonies are beautiful, but can get expensive if they are not in season. If you go with fake flowers, put the bouquets and buttonholes together early. Places such as M&S and Hobby Craft have premade bridal bouquets and buttonholes. If flowers are still to expensive for your budget try walking up the aisle holding balloons or a bouquet of paper flowers. Get creative with vintage books or pinecones to make a creative centerpiece. When deciding on decorations, do not buy anything from the shops, always check online first. You can buy bulk wedding supplies from Amazon and eBay for much cheaper than craft stores. Use those supplies to make your own decorations such as crepe paper flowers or lace paper chains.

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