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Make your wedding exceptional

How are you going to make your wedding a special, unforgettable day? When planning your wedding, you’re going to want to consider entertainment. Sure, you’ll want to make sure the logistics of the affair are in order. You’ll want to make sure all your guests can make it to the venue with ease. And you’ll want to pick the best venue you can afford. But besides those things – you should prioritize creating an atmosphere of festivity. Add some magic to your wedding by considering some of the entertainment options we’ve got lined up for you in this post.

Why not consider hiring a suave magician to enthral some of your guests throughout the affair. And if you want to add something similar on top of that, hire an impersonator of your favourite celebrity! By mingling with guests, and posing for photos, you’ll add that extra wow factor to your wedding day. Meaning, your occasion will be full of delightful surprises that will make guests feel at ease and happy to have attended.

Exceptional Wedding

And besides that, why not consider hiring a food chef to cook something exceptional right in front of everyone’s eyes. On top of that, add some background music to your occasion. And instead of having music play through speakers, why not hire a band to jazz up your wedding. Whether your favourite genre of music is rock, jazz, or classical music – having a live band will help foster a more celebratory mood at your wedding venue.

Arrange a dance performance to be played at your venue. Whether its belly dancers, salsa or else – it’ll help kick of the party celebrations at your wedding and give guests something to delight in. And if there are younger guests at the wedding, keep them smiling by bringing a puppeteer.

If you have an outdoor wedding, hire a cigar roller to help set up a small cigar bar for your guests. It’ll add a touch of masculinity to your wedding. And for the wedding cake – make sure you invest in a special one that suits both you and your partner’s personalities.

If you’re hosting your wedding at a venue such as the Grand Ballroom at the Montcalm London, you can customize your hall to your liking. Naturally, you can set up a platform for cocktails – perhaps setting up a cocktail hour where guests can try wines and champagnes to celebrate your big wedding day.

In conclusion, in your preparations for your wedding day, you’ll want to visualize everything that willl make your wedding special. What about it is going to be memorable and unique? Answering those questions will inspire you to add special touches to your wedding. You’ll also want to make sure you hire a great photographer, so that the pictures you take will last a lifetime. And if you really want to end your occasion on a bang, schedule your honeymoon to happen right after the wedding – and plan an outdoor fireworks show outside the venue to end your wedding on a high note.

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