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The Benefits of Venturing into a Wedding Fair

Today with almost every bridal tool at hand such as Pinterest, Wedding websites and blogs, and vendors being so accessible over the internet, it seems the wedding fair idea has lost some steam. However, there are several great benefits to attending a wedding fair that just cannot be matched through the computer screen. Wedding fairs are actually one of the most convenient ways to learn about the plethora of event option out there for your special day. With there being so many decisions and choices to be made before the big day, take the time to relax and have some fun at a wedding fair.


Brides will find everything they need from fashion-forward gowns to kitschy cake toppers at a wedding fair. The fair brings everyone to you and allows the brides to make educated decisions about the wedding in a time-efficient manner. Brides will be able to taste cakes, examine flowers, listen to wedding bands, and even try on veils all in one place. Another great thing about a wedding fair is you have many vendors at your disposal to ask those ever important questions such as: “Can my wedding cake be chocolate?” or “Can I get that bridesmaid dress in lime green?”  Also as you walk past vendors you can browse photographer’s portfolios, preview ceremony and reception locations, as well as sign up for gift registries. Great caterers will be on hand to tempt you with samples to try their menus and jewelers will be there for you to try on veils and tiaras. Wedding fairs are a great place to pick up freebies along the way too. As you go through the fair, your vision of your perfect wedding will start to become clear.

There are many wedding fairs going on throughout the year, so make sure you pick the right one for you. There are “Mega-Fairs” which are usually held at large hotel ballrooms. These fairs bring in large crowds and can be a tad overwhelming. However, they do bring in the most vendors, so you will have more choices. If you want to avoid the crowds, go for a “Boutique Wedding Fair,” which is usually sponsored by local vendors. These are more of a leisurely affair and on the plus side you will find more unique material for your wedding day. Lastly, there are fairs that cater to particular religions, ethnic backgrounds, or sexual orientation. Vendors at these fairs are more familiar with the unique needs such as food or accessories, that one will need for their wedding day. Choose a fair that is in the same geographical area as you are planning on having your wedding. This ensures that you are talking to the right vendors who will be able assist you in making your dream wedding a reality. Another tip is to talk to your married friends and see which expos they went to and found helpful. Just be careful, do not attend more than three fairs or else you may get burnt out before your wedding is even planned.

First step before going to a wedding fair is to be properly prepared. Pre-registering for a wedding fair saves you time at check in and usually a few bucks. Make a checklist of vendors, services, materials, and accessories you are looking for. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing as you will be doing a lot of walking. Also bring a large bag, as you will be grabbing a lot of brochures from vendors and some freebies along the way. Bring some cash with you as some vendors will have special sales on items such as jewelry and accessories, these sales are only available at the fair. If you know your wedding colours, bring a swatch so items can be matched up at the fair. Another thing to bring with you is a companion, someone you can bounce ideas off of. This will help you from making impulsive decisions that you may regret later.

When you are mingling with prospective vendors make sure you exchange contact information. Find out if that particular individual will be involved in your wedding or is just helping out at the booth. Make sure you get a chance to speak to the person who will actually be doing the work on your wedding day. If you really love a photographers work and find out you are speaking to an assistant, request to speak to the actual photographer since they will be the one taking the actual photos. If you already know the date of your wedding and find some great vendors that you just fall in love with, book them! Most vendors need to be booked early and will even give discounts at the shows. Those savings can really start to add up.

When you start to find yourself becoming ill with the thought of tasting another piece of cake or seeing another photo of a kissing couple, then it is probably time to call it quits. Return home from the wedding fair armed with notes, business cards, and load of fun freebies.

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