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Be beautiful, feel beautiful: facial treatment tips for your wedding

You know when wedding guests gasp at a bride’s beauty as she sweeps down the aisle? Well, it’s not just them getting caught up in the moment. Invariably there’s something much more to it – that is, most brides will have been through a pre-wedding beauty regimen to make sure they look their absolute best on probably the one day in their life they dream of doing so above all others. And, don’t doubt it, a big part of that is ensuring their skin (especially their face) looks gorgeous – but how do they do it? If you’re planning a wedding within the next year, how can make sure your face looks radiant on your big day…?

Preparation pays off

First things first – the bad news is there isn’t a ‘silver bullet’ to ensure your face looks its best for your wedding; the good news is, if you put in the time, you can definitely have your face looking gleaming and radiant like never before on the day you’re married. How then? Well, to achieve flawless skin, it takes time and effort. So, to make sure you’ve got that stunning appearance in your wedding photos, we’re talking putting in some serious pampering time several weeks or months before.

Facial Treatment

Monthly facials – starting at least half-a-year before the big day – should play a major role here to achieve beautiful, clear skin. For benefit that lasts then, a regular, light peel with 20% glycolic acid comes highly advised. Why? Because it’ll prove very effective at tightening pores, reducing pigmentation and evening-out skin tone (note: sunscreen is important to apply too, as peels can make your skin more sensitive to the sun in warmer months).

What if you need a quick fix?

Now, long-term skin treatment’s all very well, of course, but what about in the short-term? What about when your wedding day’s looming on the horizon? Well, if you’ve reached the point when it’s less than a week away (and if it’s taking place in spring or summer), then you’re well advised not to spend time out in the sun when you don’t need to. Getting rest and hydration’s also among the best wedding skin care tips.

That said, though, you should be prepared for minor skin ‘breakouts’ in these last few days. Why? Stress, of course. It’s natural this week may be among the most tension-filled and stressful you’ll ever experience – and, like it or not, stress can be a real guilty party when it comes to problematic skin.

Makeup Touchup

Although, of course, if you’re holding your wedding at a major hotel, such as The Montcalm, then remember the venue for your big day – and, highly likely – the actual place in which you’ll be staying contains a spa and health treatment centre. Indeed, seeking out the professional skin experts at the Montcalm spa hotel would be ideal for last-minute tips on keeping stress levels to a minimum and how to best look after your skin on the eve of your wedding – it’s amazing the solutions that are out there for those last minute skin emergencies and, no question, you’d be in the best place for them!

And finally…

So, it’s worth mentioning again; a bit of pre-wedding preparation and treatment (along with good hydration such as lots of water-drinking) goes a long way when it comes to ensuring excellent looking, glowing skin on your wedding day. Practicing both self-care and some professionally-delivered skin care on your face won’t just mean you look great; it’ll help make you feel confident, positive and on top of the world as you sweep down that aisle, making others gasp.

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