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Best tips for a reception your guests will love

Your wedding reception is a chance for you and your guests to really celebrate together, in whatever way you choose. Unlike your wedding ceremony, there are no rules – you can personalise it however you like. Do remember, though, that the reception is for your guests as well as you and your partner – you want to make sure everyone enjoys themselves as much as possible, and that might just mean going a little bit off the beaten track. Here are some of our top tips for making your reception a night to remember:

Wedding Dance

The first dance

Many couples will just do a simple slow-dance – it’s romantic and easy, with no steps to learn. But since all your guests will be watching, why not give them something to remember? Break out into some spectacular salsa steps, or perhaps some Strictly Come Dancing-style moves to match your Grand Ballroom venue, and kick the party off in style.

Kids at Wedding


If you’ve invited kids to your reception, set up a space just for them. It helps to seat them all at the same table for dinner, but you can go the extra mile with a separate room complete with a babysitter and some movies, or an activity corner with crayons and toys. Keep the little ones entertained and you raise the chances of keeping their parents at the party for an extra few hours!

Wedding Toasts


Nothing kills a party mood like an unfunny toast that drags on and on…and on. Get savvy and prep the people who’ll be giving toasts by asking them to keep their speeches to two minutes or less. If they have any long stories they’d like to embarrass you with, they can tell them at the rehearsal dinner!

Wedding Food

Fun food

You don’t have to stick to the usual formula of entrée, mains, wedding cake. It’s your party, so do something different! Some receptions nowadays are providing make-your-own stations with grilled cheese or pasta ingredients so guests can make themselves exactly what they want. As the night goes on, and your guests are starting to get tired and perhaps a little over-refreshed, a second meal of “drunk food” – late-night snacks like pizza and fries – and some coffee will go down a treat, as well as keeping the party mood going as long as you can hold up. Plenty of wedding reception venues London will be happy to do this for you – just ask!


Go out with a bang

The worst thing for any party host is to have everything set up perfectly, only for a few guests to leave early and start a chain reaction that leaves the party depressingly empty long before the night should have been over. To prevent this, let your guests know you’ve got something special planned for the end of the night; something they’ll look forward to and stay to watch. Maybe you and your new husband or wife can perform something together, or you could organise something spectacular like a fireworks show! The nature of the surprise is up to you – just make it memorable.

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