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Cut the Cheese at your Wedding

Today, more and more couples move away from “traditional” wedding ideas and look for ways to make their special day unique and a reflection of their personalities. One big movement has been to move away from a traditional white wedding cake and replace it with a cheese cake. Not the sweet cheesecake, but literally a stack of gourmet cheeses. The cheese wedding cake is now a well established option. If you prefer cheese for dessert instead of sweets, then why not get a cheese cake? From creamy brie to smoky cheddar, cheese can give an extra refinement to any rustic wedding. Now these are just boring wheels of cheese, they can be decorated with décor, fruits, or even a pork pie. Here are some tips to if you are considering getting a cheese cake for your special day.

Cheese cutting at wedding

First off, selecting a cheese cake is great, because you have the option of building your own. If you have a favourite cheese or a certain style, the possibilities are endless. It is important to know to make sure to order extra cheese for which every one is the top tier. The top tier tends to be quite small once the cake is stacked up and in order for all your guests to get a taste of all the different cheeses, make sure to bring out the extra cheese wheels once the cake is cut. Choose cheeses that will layer up in nice increments, at least 2cm difference in diameter between each layer. You can always add a bit of colour by choosing a cheese that already has some colour, like a Shropshire Blue or Sparkenhoe Leicester. However, make sure you have taste tested all your cheeses. Most cheese shops will let you taste the cheeses before you buy, which is great. This allows you to make sure all your cheese will go together according to your taste buds, not just your eyes. In addition, a cheese wedding cake should have different textures. Select a range of hard, soft, and blue cheeses to give more options to your guests.

You do not need just one big cake, with a cheese cake, you can have the option of making small cakes on each table so guests can conveniently enjoy the cheeses at their leisure. Another option is to give the appearance of a large cake by placing something underneath the cheese such as a tea lights, a rustic wood cake plate, or even a big ole’ pork pie. However, no matter what cheeses, size, or style you select, it is incredibly important to serve the cheese at room temperature! Make sure it is out of the fridge a couple of hours before it is cut.

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