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Getting Hitched this Year? Know the Top Wedding Trends of 2016

Wedding is the most special day of anyone’s life. People wait for a long time to find the soul mate and when they find them wedding becomes the celebration of their undying love. So, when you are planning your wedding this year, here are some ideas for you.

As the world of fashion changes with every year, so is the world of events. When it comes to some personal event, nothing can match up the glamour and the splendour of a wedding. Suppose if you are planning a wedding for your friend it becomes your responsibility to tweak up the whole wedding so that it stays in the mind of the guests. But how to do that? Well, you are absolutely at the right place. Keep on reading.

Trend comes and goes. It can be fashion, decoration or even wedding. To make a wedding dream like perfect you just need to be a little bit updated with the latest trends. That can help you to go ahead with the organization.

Wedded Couple

You are thinking where to look to know? Well, it is the era of digital revolution. Keep your eyes open, At least social media is the right place that can let you know about the ongoing trends.

So, let’s divide the sections and discuss how you can perk up a wedding.

The Leading Trends of 2016

The Look

When someone is going to attend a wedding one is going to witness the look first. It is the look that is going to create an impression in the mind of the onlookers. In fact it is also the look that is going to set the mood as well. So, let’s take a look at the looks that are enthralling the hearts.


Sophisticated metallic look and glitters are ruling the season. Brass, gold and silver re the tones that are making the wedding look complete. So, when you are trying to channel the sophistication in the whole mood of wedding don’t underestimate the glitters. While booking hotels for wedding in London; talk about the look with the planners.

Glittering Wedding Theme


Wedding is not just an occasion that is going to happen and everyone will forget about that. It is a memory to cherish forever. It is about attachment and emotions. So, it is always a good idea to throw some of emotions with the touch of memories and let the guests share your emotions too. If you are childhood sweethearts, share some beautiful memories of growing up together on your wedding. Or if you have been to some amazing place for a vacation, share those memories too. Remember that wedding is the celebration of your love and bond that you share. So, bring your love story in your wedding.


Ditch traditional sitting arrangement of round conference tables. Choose something quirky. Add a lounge area too for your guests so that they can have super leisurely time and they can enjoy your wedding. Talk to the planner at the Grand Ballroom at the Montcalm London and sort it out.

Flower Decorated Seats

The Flowers

No wedding is complete without flowers. It is the flowers that bring the good omen and luck. Aesthetically they make the whole look complete and fresh. When nature is in full display of colours and showing its love, you also should add them to celebrate your union too.

Follow the Season

This is the best thing that you can do with the flowers on your wedding. Opt for the seasonal flower. There are reasons why we are suggesting this. It is easy to find the best flower easily. The other reason it “the freshly picked and slightly rustic look” is very in these days. Let the wedding planners do the magic with flowers, from decoration to the tables, from the car of Groom to the bouquet of the bride.

One Colour but Different Shades

Add a classy touch to your wedding. Choose one colour but different shades of it. Play with the shades. In fact, you can co ordinate your wedding gown or the dresses of the bridesmaids too. Dash of colours or the understated charm of the shades; stick to one single colour.

Wedding Dress

The Dress

Now comes the biggest sensation of the wedding, the dress. Choosing the right dress and the right tux becomes quite a task.  However, this is always the main attraction of any wedding. Now how to choose the perfect dress and tux? What’s in these days? Read on to know.

Old School Fit and Flair

Nothing can beat the old school charm of fit and flair. Choose a white lace gown that is fitted nicely and flatters the curve of your upped body and nicely sweeps the floor making you look magnificence. Choose a bigger skirt with elaborate flair. Even better if you can choose and elaborate bow too.

Dare to Bare

Are you daring enough to flatter your toned body? Maybe you have a back worth flaunting. Maybe your toned arms are to die for. Why sticking to the tradition when you are free enough to flaunt your assets? Choose sheer, choose elegance. Flaunt the flawless back. Or choose lace sleeves. They are classy and elegant. Just a little play of peek-a-boo can notch up the oomph factor quite a bit.


It is the little white dress that is stealing spotlight everywhere. Though a LWD is not always a part of designer wedding collection always, however, if you are steering clear from the traditional wedding ideas LWD can be a perfect thing for you.

Choosing Right Tux

Nothing can beat the magic and glamour of a well cut tux for a wedding. Choose a classy black one with a white shirt. If you are thinking to make it a little quirky choose ivory shirt. You can also choose a jacket with leather lapel. That will make you look magnificent as ever.

Well, now as you already know about the ruling trends of the wedding season of 2016 what are you waiting for? Channel these styles in your wedding and let the world see a grand wedding that they never experienced before.

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