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How to avoid wedding jet lag

Jet lag is something we’ve all experienced, and it can be a real pain. Having your internal clock out of sync with the time in your new environment can lead to a whole host of issues – from a lack of sleep to poor dietary choices, and poor mood.

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When you consider that you’re travelling to venture away from the trappings of your usual environment so that you can encapsulate yourself in a world that takes you away from novelty, having anything that compromises that can be incredibly frustrating. That’s especially the case if you’re about to get married in a new country. After all, turning up exhausted to your wedding is not going to do anyone any favours.

The usual cures

Often the very things that are supposed to help us can hurt us even more. From sleeping pills to bizarre travel pillows, not all of them are conducive to a rapid remedial into ordinary, and light-hearted consciousness. Our best advice comes down to not focusing perhaps on tactics, but changing your state of mind. So from the moment you board the plane, set the time to the new time zone the moment you get on.

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Consider also bringing a sleep mask on the aircraft, so that you can sleep during the hours you’re meant to. On most planes nowadays, the cabins are dimmed and lighted based on the weather in the destination of the country, and its little things like that can help mediate a number of jet lag visitors experience upon arrival in a new country.

Key tip: Shift your internal clock before you leave by getting up and going to bed slightly earlier if you’re flying east, or getting up and going to bed later if you’re traveling west. Also, be sure to keep the time difference in mind when doing this, sleeping more or fewer hours based on that.

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