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Ideas on having an exceptional wedding in London

Whether you’re planning to get married or not, there are key trends about weddings worth being cognisant of. It is our hope that this post gives you a little more clarity when it comes to weddings.  Marriages are embedded in the cultural history of the world – and being more knowledgeable about them can mean you’re able to give advice to friends who are planning to get engaged. Or, if you’re getting married yourself – then you can use the information we’ll share to your own advantage. Millions of people research ideas on how they should they prepare for their wedding; through what they should buy, how many people they should invite, and more. Here, we’ll share existing wedding trends combined with timely advice.

Wedding Venues

First of all, a great wedding begins with a stylish wedding venue. Without one, your wedding won’t be nearly half as good – and while marriages tend to romanticize the idea of perfection – a venue will never be exactly perfect. Nevertheless, you can make a marriage as perfect as you can by booking an extravagant wedding venue while keeping things beautifully simple.

Engagement rings are often the first thing that pop to mind when people think of an engagement –and the idea that it has to be a diamond ring grew out of a marketing ploy by the De Beers company with messages such as “Most valued symbol of your devotion” hitting the press, and with the sparkling nature of the diamonds – it was an easy marketing ploy to fall into.

The ramifications of the marketing campaign are still evident today, with newlyweds lurching themselves to the most expensive, biggest diamond rings. Diamonds have been heavily imbued with connotations of romanticism and social status… But you don’t need to buy a diamond ring if you’re getting married. There are alternatives; such as a ring with a knot, a ring with a man-made diamond, or a family heirloom.


The wedding gifts that you receive aren’t entirely in your control when you’re hosting your own wedding. But if you’re attending a friend’s or family members wedding, then you’ll naturally want to carefully pick out a fitting wedding gift that delights both husband and wide. And while you do want to spoil them a bit, you don’t necessarily need to – especially considering the amount of people that would be attending the event. Some great gift ideas include: a Finex 12-inch cast iron set, an oyster half dozen oyster plate, and a table top party grill.

In summary, by being open to not doing things the traditional way – you can have a unique wedding that will stay etched in your memory for a lifetime. Why not consider booking your wedding at the Grand Ballroom at the Montcalm– which is the ideal venue from which to host a near-perfect wedding in the heart of London.

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