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Manage the kids at a wedding- innovatively

Children are the face of God but along with that, they are the epitome of naughtiness too. When there is a wedding in the family you are sure to have children invited as guests in the wedding. Now, to think of it, how does a child envision a wedding? For a child weddings are fun. They get to dress up in fancy and new clothes and they get to meet everybody in the family. From their favourite uncle or aunts to their cousins and they plan on having a blast at the wedding. But they can be a bit trouble too. You have to always appoint an elder to keep a track of them and to see if they are doing good, not causing any kind of problems or not. So, it is advised that you sit and think of a few things that can keep the kids busy and you can manage the kids effortlessly in any wedding,

Kids at a Wedding

To begin with, the first thing that you have to keep in mind when you invite kids at the wedding is that your whole day planned out. From the starting till the after party; once you have every single item on the list checked off, you can think of incorporating the children into your wedding or reception. For making any kind of special arrangements, you have to keep in mind the age of the children that are going to be a part of the festivities.

A very interesting part of the wedding for any child is when the flower girls, bridesmaids, page boys or ring bearers enter. So why not make it fun and make the children fill in the shoes of the mentioned places? That way they all get to be a part of the celebrations and they also get to be themselves, wear what they want and have fun. Children have this thing in them that if something is told to them then they become very responsible and they want to do it with much responsibility and their best so that they do not disappoint, especially at a wedding.

Imagine the joy in the kid’s eyes when they will be told that they will have to wear their favourite superhero’s outfits and have to be the ring bearer or the page boy in the wedding. Again, imagine when the little girls are asked to wear their favourite fairy dress to the wedding and be the flower girl. This would make them concentrate more on the wedding and less on the disturbance. Now that this is sorted, you can choose your wedding and reception venue accordingly from the wedding reception venues London. Is fast becoming the first choice for many couples as their reception venue. Here you have zones where the children can go and have fun when the guests have some ‘kid-free’ time.

There are more options too…

Apart from giving the children options to be the flower girl, page boy etc there are many other things that you make the children do at a wedding to keep them occupied and entertained too. If the kids are a bit older then you can ask them to bring the gifts to the altar or you can also ask them to do some readings. These will keep them busy throughout the wedding and the kinds in themselves can have competition like who reaches first and they can have fun too. The kids who can dance or sing or even recite can be asked to show their talent to the people at the wedding. They can sing, dance or even recite poems according to what they like doing and dedicate it to the couple getting married. The songs might be their own little creations too which they might prepare beforehand for their aunt or uncle or elder cousin getting married.

Kids at a Wedding

We all know that the job of giving wedding programs to the guests before any ceremony starts is of the groomsmen but if children are involved in the job then they would love to be useful and help with the distribution along with the groomsmen. Probably you can make the kids present at the wedding a part of the sand ceremony. This would make them believe that they are a important part of the family and they are valued as their contribution is needed in everything. To make them do all these, make sure you make them believe that without them the ceremony was impossible and that it was them that did the entire job and lit up the whole place. Making them feel wanted, needed is the first step to keeping the children happy during the whole wedding and keeping them away from any kind of nuisance.

Once they do all the jobs, why don’t you ask the priest or the officiate to mention their names to thank them. Take them by surprise when you do that and see their eyes lighting up with joy. Not only will they rejoice this but it would also make them feel extra special at a wedding or reception.

What if..?

Since they are kids, the chances of them making mistakes or doing the wrong things also should be counted. For that, you can make sure that the kids who have been invited and allotted jobs are present during the rehearsal of your wedding so that they know when to do what or else you would have to be present on the day of the wedding looking after the kids and asking them to do the jobs they are assigned to do at the correct time. Being present in the rehearsal helps them know what to do when and how.

Kids at a Wedding

You can also have the children practice how to walk down the aisle in front of people because most children tend to be conscious in front of people and they might freeze. So if they have had practice beforehand then they will be able to rock the reception on the day.

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