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Planning an ideal Wedding at the Grand Ballroom

A wedding is an occasion that will be etched in the memory for a lifetime. What is your vision of the perfect marriage? Whatever it is, it’s safe to say that a bridal ceremony in a luxurious venue in a fantastic city – makes for a great foundation for a special day. The values of intimacy, union, and bonding lie at the core of any wedding. And so, everything that’s planned for the occasion needs to take these principles in mind. Luckily, the wedding planners at the Grand Ball Room know how to do that perfectly.

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With the team at the luxury hotel Grand Ballroom at the Montcalm London, you can plan your London Wedding with ease. The venue holds for up to 550 people for stand up reception styled events and 422 for sit down dinners. So whether you’re looking to create a small wedding experience for a small group of family and friends, or want to have a more ostentatious wedding – your needs for space will be amply met.

Upon entering the venue, guests will be met by a marble staircase with fringed LED lights and intimate lighting. This is just a small example of the attention to detail that’s given to the venue. And with two grand marble reception areas, crystal chandeliers… this is a venue that’s been built to be the idyllic setting for a wedding.

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The events team offers a bespoke service – meaning you can share everything that’s on your mind when it comes to planning your wedding day. They will promptly see if what you’re asking for is possible, and make the necessary plans. In terms of cuisine, the Montcalm offers a range that includes British, Greek, and Asian food – meaning you can pick your fancy.

In preparation for your wedding day, we invite you to make a list of all the things that would make your wedding day special. This will give you and the events team a certain level of clarity that’s needed to make for a spectacular wedding event. Fortunately, the events team at the Grand Ballroom at the Montcalm London has a lot of experience in making great wedding days happen.

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After your wedding in London, you could schedule your honeymoon to happen the day after – especially in a city like London. Plan your ideal wedding with the event planners at the Grand Ballroom, and open yourself up to the rich wedding possibilities that await in London.

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