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Planning your wedding when you have children

Marrying the love of your life is far easier when you don’t already have children. But if you do, then there are a bunch of logistical procedures you’ll have to consider – to ensure that your wedding is just as enjoyable for them as it is for you. It may be a good idea to give a loved one or a nanny or the responsibility of watching over your children, ensuring that they’re looked after and any incidents are dealt with the right way! This will especially be important if your children are quite young.

Mom & daughter at Wedding Day

Making sure they enjoy the wedding

To keep your kids occupied during your wedding day, consider setting an outdoor party game for the kids, perhaps by hiring a crèche or setting up a dedicated for all the children. Face painting, board games, bouncy castles are all great ideas, and also provide the added benefit of adding a touch of a playfulness to the whole ceremony.

Your honeymoon

After your wedding celebrations are over, is it worth taking your children with you on your honeymoon? That’s very much debatable, considering that young kids can take out the romance out of a holiday trip quicker than you’d imagine possible. In that case, perhaps a good compromise would be to have a short honeymoon, perhaps during a weekend break in London at the Unique Ballroom by Montcalm London – which is among one of the top West End London wedding venues.

Mom & daughter at Wedding Day

Give them jobs

If your kids are a little older, then maybe you can make them like they’re a more important part of the occasion by giving them roles. Giving jobs to children can close the intangible but yet palpable division children can sense between them and adults. Kids, more than any of your guests, want to feel included and important. So why not give them the responsibility of handing out say food to guests, holding your dress, or scattering confetti.

You can make your wedding with kids a fun affair, so long as you prepare!

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