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Points to consider when selecting a wedding venue

Probably most if not all who marry regard the day of their wedding as one of the most important events in their life! Getting married involves a lot of preparation from choosing what to wear to making numerous arrangements for the big occasion. This involves a lot of careful planning so that things are just perfect on that special day.

Of all the different things to be done one of the most important is that of deciding the venue. This is something which needs to be done after careful scrutiny to ensure that the place is suitable for the reception to be a success. Obviously the main thing is for the two people getting married to have the right atmosphere to make it one of the most memorable days of their life. This is possible when they are surrounded by family and friends who share this special occasion with them. This is possible when the wedding venue provides an ideal backdrop for a picture perfect wedding.

If you are planning your wedding in the City of London there are a wide variety of venues available to choose from. From having a small intimate wedding indoors to having a grand affair at any of the outdoor venues the options are manifold. You could choose a wedding venue in London depending upon your budget and the number of guests you have invited to the reception. There are certain matters that need to be kept in mind when choosing a wedding venue to ensure that things go smoothly on the all important day.

How does one find the perfect wedding venue in London? The answer to this question varies as every couple will have their own set of expectations and requirements. Of course there would still be certain features that will be common such as….


The ambience of a venue
This could be difficult to explain at length but it would suffice to say that it is the surroundings and the environment found at the venue. An example would be any large open space which have sprawling lush green lawns like Hyde Park and which offer a scenic view of the areas all around would definitely be a big hit with all the guests and will add that something special to the wedding reception.

Similarly the atmosphere within a hall or venue selected is very important. As per modern norms it would be better to select a place that offers a luxury and intimate atmosphere than to choose a large venue that is commodious and overwhelming in sheer size. The size of the venue is of course subject to the guest list and if the wedding is in the winter months then it would always be a better idea to host the reception indoors, where it is warm rather than to make the guests feel uncomfortable in the cold outdoors. The venue has to be selected keeping in mind the weather at that part of the year so that it does dampen the festivities.

Another key area to focus on is the catering and who is given responsibility to execute the task. While in the movies it seems really funny to see weddings experience catering fiascos, the fact is in real life this can be a very discomforting and embarrassing experience to undergo on such an important day of your life. It is very important that all the invitees get not only the best of cuisines but also are given a variety of options to choose from. The tastes of people differ greatly and while it is not feasible to cater to everyone’s individual tastes efforts can be made by the caterer to offer a spread that will be enjoyed by most. One of the most important features of a wedding that is discussed and remembered for a long time is its culinary excellence.

Of course just food is not the only area to pay special attention to. Guests who come will not want to be confined to small or cramped spaces but will like to move around and socialise. Then there would be those who would like to take to the dance floor as the evening progresses. Therefore having ample space for people to move around and for dancing would be the ideal choice. And if there are quite a few kids who would be coming with their parents having some special activities to keep them entertained would be great, especially if you do not want them creating a riot in the main hall. If you have selected an outdoor venue for the event make provision for internal rooms as well just in case the London weather decides to play spoilsport.

The level of hospitality should be outstanding and for that you need professional staff who are hospitable and courteous to each and every guest at the event. You cannot have anyone offering shoddy service or showing any attitude. If you are hiring the staff externally then ensure that you choose only professionals who have experience and are trained in the hospitality industry. If they come as a package deal then choose a venue that has impeccable credentials in the area of hospitality.

All-in-one service
You can decide between choosing a venue that offers all-in-one-service or choose independent vendors who make the necessary arrangements. Considering the details and logistics required it is recommended to choose a venue that offers all-in-one-service, which will cater to all key areas such as decorations, linen, furniture, entertainment and flowers etc. It is always a good idea to have one or two event –coordinators present to ensure that they take care of all aspects so that the show runs smoothly. This will save you a lot of unnecessary stress and hassle on a day when you should be relaxed and look your best.

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