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Should you have your wedding in the evening?

Evening weddings can make the nervous feelings you have last for longer than you would perhaps like. You’ve been planning and waiting for your big day to arrive for so long, and upon it’s arrival, here you are, still waiting to tie the knot. So isn’t it better in that case to have your marriage ceremony earlier on in the morning or afternoon, before celebrating during the rest of the day with all your loved ones? The answer depends on whether you love building things up to the greatest level of excitement possible, or if you’re someone who can’t stand that kind of emotion.

Evening Wedding

Historically speaking, evening weddings are new, growing in popularity just over the last few years. As a result of price increases in general, brides to be have begun getting hitched in the PM hours to save expenses on food and drinks for the whole day, having to cover the cost of a venue for the whole day, and also having to hire photographers and wedding planners for the whole day.

The only thing that might be more expensive

If you opt for an evening wedding, then the only thing that’s going to likely be a little more expensive is the registrar. Still though, considering the savings you’ll be making in the other areas, you’ll still be far better off financially than if you kissed your bride to be earlier on in the day.

Wedding Dance

The other benefit

If your wedding happens to happen say on a sunny day at one of the stylish and luxury wedding venues London has to offer, then you’ll benefit from one of the most romantic ways to tie the knot. After all, is there anything more romantic than kissing behind the backdrop of a pink sunset?

The disadvantage

Your wedding day will be naturally shorter, and considering this day is a special occasion, maybe you would prefer to extend it as long as possible. In that case, an evening wedding might not be the best option for you. In any case, venues like the Unique Ballroom by Montcalm London can be booked for the whole day with no problem. Of course, you could get best of both and have your pre-dress in the morning and hang out together with each other and your guests, but that’s not traditional. We hope you make the best choice for you in the end.

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