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The 3 Things to Avoid When Planning a Summer Wedding

During summer the weather is fine to make a perfect wedding day. In the season the bride and tge groom have the host of ideas to plan for the perfect wedding. Summer is the time when you can have an open wedding occasion because this is the time you don’t have to feel uncomfortable in the freezing weather condition. The wedding can be planned in the lawns and the gardens and the wedding can even take place in the beaches and the vineyards. This way you can make the occasion so gorgeous and lovely with all the exterior allurements meant to make the occasion so special and unique.

One can have the wedding planned at the Grand Ballroom At The Montcalm London. In case you love to have an exterior wedding venue you should avoid certain things. It is best to get married too early in the day. This is something in case you have a beach wedding or when the event is held at the pool side. The beach side or the poolside wedding is uncomfortable for the guests who come decked in the perfect wedding attire. It is best to avoid the midday sun. This is when the light is too bright and the condition is not right for the reason of taking images.

Canopy of Lights

It is best to avoid the midday session for the wedding. You cannot have the guests standing in the sun and sweating all along. The bride too is sure to feel so uncomfortable when the sun is on. The strong rays of the sun will cause the makeup melt and this will make the bride look so ordinary and casual. Thus, it is best to plan the ceremony after the hottest part of the day. You should try and get the pictures after sunset and there should be arrangements for the industrial sized fans to make the situation less unbearable.

On the occasion it is best to avoid the temperature sensitive foods. On the day of wedding you can have anything you want. However, it is going to be risky if you offer raw seafood as part of the outdoor buffet arrangement. The raw bars and the sushi displays are best for interior conditions where you can arrange for air conditioners. In an outdoor wedding reception it is difficult to serve the guests with ice cream. The stuff would melt spoiling the dress of the guests. This is just like a soupy mess on the occasion and things seem out of control on the occasion.

In case you are not having the wedding arrangement at a place like Grand Ballroom At The Montcalm London then you should be extra careful. The exterior venue is not the right place for icy sculptors. These sculptors are well suited for perfectly cooled places. In case you look at the pictures later on and find the sculptors partially melted it is surely going to be a shame. Heat and humidity will make the guests feel suffocated on the occasion of summer wedding. So, this is the right time not to think of having a wedding party arranged outside. A cool and well sufficed area is apt in this case.


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