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Tips to Light Up your Grand Wedding

Wedding is that special occasion for which you had been waiting since ages. You must have grown up dreaming about a wedding like Hollywood movies.  You must have dreamt to have a beautiful occasion with your close, dear and loved ones. Since the time you started dating your spouse, it had been your talking point too. So, when it is just on the verge you must be going crazy over the preparation.

So, when you are thinking about making the whole preparation perfect you need to plan ahead. To set the mood right at your wedding the best thing that you need to do is to chalk out a definite plan beforehand. Proper planning can make a wedding dream like.

Decoration, colours, flowers, music, and most importantly lights play huge roles in making the venue look beautiful. Now how to sort out the issues of lights and how to light up the brightest day of your life? Here are a few tips that can help you out in the matter of making your wedding a gorgeous affair.

Talk to Your Wedding Venue

The first and obvious step is talking to your wedding venue. It can happen that you and your spouse both have seen the wedding venue in morning. That is why you may find it difficult to imagine how it would like during the evening reception. Wedding venues in London are often able to provide their own lighting effects. In fact, it is better to choose their lights because it can be customized. They can give you the splendorous coloured walls or even starry night ceiling that can add to the dramatic effects.

Candles Hung on a Tree

Get Creative with Candles

Candles have the charm that making everything romantic. The warm golden glow can transform a place into a romantic abode with just a blink of an eye. Now become a little creative with the candles. Group them in cluster. Float them in water with rose petals. Display them in mirror plates. It will add the light and impact. Place it in the glass that is itself extremely attractive. The reflection on the glass works like magic. Let the candle create the desired ambience of a cozy romantic evening.

Fairy Light Trees

No matter what venue you choose for your wedding, this lighting can make everything look just straight out of story book. Find wedding venues in London or in country. Deck the huge trunk of the trees with the fairy lights. It will look ethereal. Wondering if it will look good during a day wedding or not, it will look wonderful and dream like. In fact if it is outdoor deck the trees around the aisle with these lights.

Canopy of Lights

Canopy of Lights

If you are opting for a wedding that is an extravagant and elaborate affair, make sure there is a back wall. Deck it up with some beautiful photos that display your romance. Now add a canopy. It is elaborate and will take time. Once you are done with it deck it up with the brilliant lighting. It will look gorgeous and classy.

Illuminated Letters

As theme wedding is in vogue now there are new ways that are coming up to make the décor and the lighting unique. So, if you are opting for a casual décor in wedding, it can make the look glamorous and totally party like. Add letters on the wall and illuminate it.

Illuminated Letters

Colour washed Walls and Chandelier

A classy décor is incomplete without the old world charm of a stunning chandelier. If you are thinking about adding the charm, make sure to have a colour washed décor. It will turn the whole ambience into mystical one. Add a chandelier and mirrors on the wall to create a gorgeous effect.

Emblazon with a Patter

Be it a backdrop wall or the dance floor, emblazons are in. So, illuminate the dance floor at Grand Ballroom at the Montcalm London on your grand wedding with some pattern or a monogram. Co-relate it with the initials of your and your spouse’s name. It will create a beautiful appeal.

Bring In Daylight

Nothing can be as glamorous as the natural lights itself. So, the daylight is the best light that can illumine your wedding. When you are booking a venue for your morning wedding, make sure the hall has enough windows to bring the natural light in. Surely it has the power of brightening up the whole environment.


Floating Lanterns

For outdoor wedding floating sky lanterns is a good idea. Floating sky lantern is often the symbol of good luck. So, bring in the good omens in your wedding by maintaining a custom of floating sky lanterns in the sky.

Create Roof Line

If you have chosen the backyard of your house as the wedding venue, create a roof line with the lights. String lights are perfect add ons to make the wedding glamorous and that to within a very little pocket pinch.

Hide Under the Table

When the tables are draped with white pristine table cloth sparkling light from under it can make the look mystical. Add lights to perk up the glam quotient.

Fairy Tail Trees

Arch of Light and Branches

Creating a rustic ambience is not really tough. For that rustic charm in the wedding décor add some branches and leaves with gorgeous lighting. Deck up the way from where the bride will come to the aisle. Create an ambience that is romantic and cozy. Surely your guests are going to remember it for a long time.

Festive Colurful Lights

Bring out all the colours and splash them in the décor. Festive colourful lights are the best thing that can add glamour to the wedding décor. Fun, high spirited and refreshed, this style is a must try.

Colorful Lights

Enough of inspirations. Now you must have mastered the art of wow décor with lights for your wedding. Make it gorgeous and go OTT. It is your wedding, your special day. You have all the freedom of going extravagant. Let the light come in your life.

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