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Tips to Plan a Grand Party on Your Wedding

No matter how busy you are or how serious you think you are, anyone loves party every now and then. And when it comes to wedding it can be the grandest party ever. Wedding has always been known to bring people together, not just the bride or groom, but the family and friends, well wishers and loved ones. So, when everyone comes to celebrate such a special occasion it is the perfect time to party.

No matter if you are having an intimate wedding with just a few close people or it is huge extravaganza, it is a time of celebration. It is not just the celebration of love and the bond you are sharing with your partner. It is the celebration of getting together and sharing some beautiful moments that will not only be precious but also you would cherish them forever.

Blue Wedding Theme

So, when you are thinking of throwing a grand party on the day of wedding here are some great idea for you. Take a look and try to channel them in your wedding.

Wild West Theme

The first thing that you need to decide is the design and style of your wedding. If you take a close look of this year’s wedding theme trend you will find the predominance of west. In fact it is the leather and the ranch style. The whole concept is far away from that of traditional wedding. The most important thing of this theme is the elevated designs. To introduce this theme in your wedding can offer the guests a refreshing change and moreover add a relaxed vibe. Hire a rustic ranch and accessorize the party according to theme. Don’t forget to add some leather details and motifs to make the look complete authentic and complete. Ask the guests to dress accordingly. Photo booth is a growing trend at every wedding now. Set up a photo booth and bring in some rustic ranch props. Add fun to your wedding with this quirky idea at the West End London event spaces.

BoHo Chick

BoHo chick is a theme that not everyone can pull off. BoHo chick is actually a laid back spirit that knows the meaning of enjoyment in life. If you are a laid back bride who detest the formality that a traditional wedding involves opt for BoHo chick theme. Ditch some fancy marriage hall for a backyard or country for your wedding venue. Open fields and backyards are the best places to hold such an event. To set the mood, opt for minimalistic decoration too. Trust on the nature. Minimal flower and decoration would be enough when you are thinking about the decoration and the look. Add kitsch details in your wedding set up. Picnic style and dining, innovative and fun invitation cards, guests dressed like going to Woodstock would be fun to add in your wedding party.

Newly Wedded Couple

Royal Charm

If you are thinking of making your wedding a truly classy affair add royal charm to it. Choose a grand venue. Grand ballroom at the Montcalm London can be a perfect place for your wedding party. Gather all your close family and friends and indulge a royal wedding. IIT is the day when extravagant won’t matter. Choose some royal and rich colour palate for the decoration of the wedding venue. Cherry red, blue or versatile gold can be the perfect tone to set the mood. Choose rich red wine to pair your fine dining. I am sure people are going to talk about your taste of class and sophistication for a while now.

Freeze Memories

What is a wedding without a bunch of fun and fuzzy memories? It is true that the event is about just one day. But the crazy preparation for it not only signifies how you have been longing for the biggest day of your life but also gives you a bunch of beautiful, happy and emotional memories. Having drones can be a very unique thing to introduce in the wedding. Moreover, when everyone is busy to see, a drone can capture some beautiful moments and that too from aerial view.

Photo booth is a rising trend this year. Set up a photo booth. Bring in some apt props according to the theme of the wedding. It will surely going to give you some nice memories to laugh at in future.

The Statement Dress

Now wedding is about making a statement. So, when you are choosing the wedding dress going OTT would not be a matter to be frowned upon. So, either choose a wedding dress that is swoon worthy as the designer wear of red carpet or create your own statement.

Wedding dress

If you are going to have a traditional wedding stick to the class. Opt for a bridal gown straight from the shelves of designer. Make sure that you are that bride who is exclusively decked up in the most beautiful and statement gown.

If you are willing to bring in some casual vibe in your wedding opt for separates. Separates are hottest trend this year. In fact you can try a bit masculine touch in your look too.

Unique Wedding Venues

If you ask me, I am pretty bored with attending weddings at hotels or country. To think of some unique location for your wedding can be a fun thing too. Are you and your spouse obsessed over some city for its art and culture? Opt for an intimate wedding there. Take along your close friends and family and celebrate wedding there. Or you can opt for some real location. Some caves or some forest would be great if you want some thrill in your wedding.

Wedding is the most beautiful day in anyone’s life. So, when you are preparing for the D day, think a bit off track. Make it worthwhile, not just for you or your spouse but for the people who are going to attend it. Cherish every moment you spend and keep up the mood of celebration in your wedding. Part hard and celebrate love.

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