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Experiencing the events at the Grand Ballroom

Grand Ballroom Venue

Events that take place in hotel chains are growing in number by the year. For various reasons which we’ll explore, organizers are opting for events in hotels as opposed to discretionary meeting spaces. The reason is simple: convenience. Business travellers entering into London would rather choose a private and corporate event venue in London that also houses their accommodation. The Montcalm Grand Ballroom in West London fits that classification, featuring an eclectic range of meeting rooms and event spaces, along with an in-house restaurant, 24-hour concierge service, and much more.

Those who book an event a hotel-owned space are likelier to receive a good deal on an accommodation of their choice. And considering that hotel chains have many years of experience in running numerous kinds of events, the staff tend to be more knowledgeable and attentive to a guest’s needs. Naturally, more and more of us are opting for hotels with event spaces.

Grand Ballroom Table

With that said, with the growing amount of internet usage on mobile devices; whether they be tablets, cell phones, or laptops – an increasing amount of strain has been placed on Wi-Fi systems at event venues. As a result, technical issues have been reported to arise on numerous occasions – even at some of the best event spaces in London. Naturally, the Montcalm Grand Ballroom have had to increase their capacity for devices on their Wi-Fi network, so that events can run smoothly from the get-go.

Let’s say your event requires an online audio-visual presentation. If you find yourself unable to access it, then your event will be compromised, and the costs would be great. Tech advancements have been made at the Grand Ballroom to ensure these kinds of occurrences are a rarity – as opposed to a common occurrence. Today, The Montcalm Grand Ballroom in West London features the latest audio-visual equipment, and also allows guests to hold a cocktail reception, award ceremony, lunch or dinner.

Grand Ballroom Menu

From business meetings to spectacular events, our friendly team can tailor your wedding to match your own, precise specifications. Besides, the rooms are simply exquisite – featuring a mini fridge, a gorgeous bed, and plenty of space. Meeting room facilities in serviced offices allow you to bring your guests conveniently to an impressive spot without the cost of a longer hire at a hotel meeting room – providing the perfect middle ground for hosting a meeting in a professional atmosphere outside of your work office.

Whether you are conducting face to face interviews, brainstorming, planning to give a business proposal, or meeting clients, these spaces will provide an ideal work atmosphere for you and your guests. Book your event at the Grand Ballroom at the Montcalm this season, and experience the grandest event possible.

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