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Planning the perfect conference in London

If you’re visiting London anytime soon, and you’re planning the ideal conference; we have a series of tips and ideas worth implementing. First of all, your conference will only be as good as the conference venue itself. Naturally, it’s perhaps worth considering a higher tier of conference venues – despite the higher cost. West end London conference venues bring tremendous value, but they are few and far between. One great venue we suggest looking into is the Grand Ballroom at the Montcalm – a fabulous site which blends business facilities, meeting rooms, and a pristine accommodation in the heart of London.

Making the right preparations

But you don’t just want to pick a conference venue for its name. When you’re picking out a location – you need to ask yourself one simple question. Can people get there easily? No matter how great your venue is, it’ll be for nothing if it’s discretely located or if people have to travel very far to get there. That’s why we recommend a central venue in London – everyone and anyone can more easily rationalize taking the time out of their busy schedules to make the journey.

Besides that, try to ascertain which type of venue your guests would appreciate. After all, a carefully selected theme will establish the focus of your meeting, and unify everyone at the event. There is an idea held that you don’t need a theme for a conference. While you don’t necessarily need one per say, it will help the branding of the event massively. Image how your flyers, your paperwork, and all your slideshows for the event would look if they were synthesized under a subject that everyone can resonate with. This could be achieved easily – all with a carefully selected theme that’s labelled across all the content shared at, before, and after the event.

After you’ve finally booked your venue – after all these preparations and thorough research, look into what other events are happening on the proposed date of your conference. Doing so will allow you to determine whether there are potential events that might distract your guests. While this is a small possibility, it’s better to be safe than sorry, and will make it more likely that you will pick the ideal day.

Think about speakers early on

Conference Events

Without great speakers, the message behind your conference won’t be conveyed well. At least, not well enough to provide a result. And let’s face it – you’re considering hosting a conference because you know it’s a huge opportunity to connect with people in a meaningful way – whether it is about a project, opportunity, or branding campaign.

Dining options

When you’re hosting an event of importance – adding dining options, drinks, and appetizers adds a touch of refinement to the whole event. People don’t feel like they’re here just to be talked to – rather they’re being invited to partake in a ceremony. That’s the difference an atmosphere with dining options provides.

In summary, having a fantastic, exceptional conference – which is what everyone’s after – is about careful planning and attention to detail. The series of tips we’ve shared will help you plan, and build, the ideal conference in the heart of London.

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