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Getting the right conference venue

If you are planning to organise a conference you will be well aware of all the planning that goes into arranging for such a major event. It takes a lot of careful planning and research to come up with the right venue to host the event so that everything goes off smoothly and without any hitches. After all making the event a sparkling success will be a feather in your cap and help you to move up the corporate ladder. On the other hand if the event does not go off smoothly then the onus would rest upon the organiser and the consequence of that is well known.

A positive factor is that if you are hosting a conference in London chances are the event will be a mega success. The reason being the city has marvellous locations and venues that are ideally equipped to handle conference on any scale be it small or large. The choice of venues all across the city is absolutely amazing from converted breweries to some of the finest conference halls in the top hotels in the city. Whatever the type of conference you can expect the venues to have the right type of arrangements in place.

Most of the top hotels offer world class conference venues and support. They even offer some great package deals and offers at different times in the year, so whether you are searching for a day delegate package or a group package you can be sure to find it here. The only thing is zeroing in on the right venue that will meet all your requirements and facilitate the event to be a resounding success.

Although there are numerous factors in finding the ideal venue in London, 4 key aspects need to be taken into consideration. Probably the primary factor is having a clear comprehension as to what the objective of the event is and keeping a track on all specific details related to the event. After all the more the knowledge the better it will help you in organising the event. By knowing all the aspects it will become easier to match a venue that is suited to the aim of organising the conference.

One way of ensuring you pick the right venue is to seek the assistance of consultancy experts, who have the knowledge and experience of all the major conference. Only work with professionals who have an impeccable track record in this area and do not hire non-specialist agencies that just depend on databases and do not have firsthand experience or knowledge about a venue. If you do decide to use the services of a professional consultancy in finding a venue, check their credentials thoroughly before hiring them.

The next factor is getting the right location for your event. This would need to be carefully thought out and you will have to discuss the pros and cons of a location thoroughly before making your choice. While it may seem convenient to choose a venue close to a tube station, the question arises is that all?  Remember if you are hosting an international event for which people from all over the world will arrive you would also need to consider access to and from the airport. In case your event has invitees from all across the UK then accessibility from mainline stations is also required. That is why having prior knowledge of the venue and its accessibility will go a long way in helping to make the right choice.

A case in point is that quite a few people in London, when deciding about a conference venue limit themselves to the west end, on account of lack of adequate knowledge. There are those who entirely rule out certain areas due to a lack of local knowledge. The surprising bit is these areas have a lot to offer in terms of pricing, special offers, accessibility and parking among other factors.

Another important thing when choosing a conference venue in London is when you plan to book. London being a business hub is always hosting corporate events and conference all through the year, so most venues are booked in advance, up to 12 months beforehand. In this case if you planned your event 3-6 months down the line the chance of finding the right venue in this limited time span is greatly reduced. You also have to plan your event at a time when none of the major seasonal events are scheduled, as this would greatly increase the cost of the venues at that particular period of time. Before deciding on the day and date of the conference check the annual events calendar for London City, which will give you a clear picture as to the scheduled events throughout the year.

Another reason why to avoid hosting the conference during any major events is the availability of suitable accommodation. When events like Wimbledon or any other major tourist event is hosted in London, the hotel occupancy rates skyrocket and finding suitable accommodation becomes extremely difficult. This added with the cost factor which is prohibitively high at those times, does not make it financially viable. This is all the more if the list of invitees is very large and accommodation has to be arranged for them. Also before you sign on the dotted line always visit the venue in person and do not depend solely on virtual tours or websites.

This is where using the services of an industry professional will go a long way to help you select the right venue for your conference to be a grand success. They will be able to give you a clear insight at the available facilities and help you to consider the haves and have-nots before you make your choice.

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