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Creating a Winter Wedding Wonderland

Winter Wedding Themes

The idea of a perfect, snow-white wedding is impossibly romantic, but sadly the good old British winter weather isn’t always particularly accommodating in this regard. While the weather outside may be more ‘grey and chilly’ than ‘winter wonderland’, it’s still possible to take some steps to make your big day as festive and cosy as possible. Firstly, if the weather’s not delivering, fake it! A scattering of faux snow is a classic winter party essential, and your wedding is no different. Be tasteful, though – this is a wedding, not an avalanche. Filling the bottom of mason jars with a bed of fake snow and placing little reindeer or nativity figures inside makes for a perfect, easy to make and professional looking decoration. Your control of the elements doesn’t have to be limited to interior design, and a scattering of the white stuff on the steps outside can make all the difference to your wedding photos. If you’re looking for a stylish wedding venue which will accommodate your plans for a wintry wedding, Grand Ballroom at the Montcalm London is a fantastic choice in the heart of London.

If the fake snow’s making things look a little frosty, crank up the cosiness with faux fur throws and blankets, glowing lanterns, and even real fir trees for a festive, fragrant and organic touch. Some well-placed candles can also add to the aroma while also making for a romantic atmosphere. Of course, cakes and treats are always on the menu at a wedding, and you can use yours as an opportunity to add to the wintriness. Try commissioning your cake as a delicious piece of frosted art, with hanging icing icicles and sumptuous snowballs resting on each of its tiers. You could also order some gingerbread treats, perhaps with a small one waiting for each guest at their dinner place. Indeed, the seating plan – while representing one of the biggest headaches for any wedding planner – can also be taken advantage of. Use tiny snowflake name holders, reindeer candlesticks, and frosted pinecones as festive table decorations.

DIY Wedding

Everyone’s attention is going to be on the bride as she walks down the aisle, so why not frame that special image with a tree-lined aisle, or have the bridesmaids carry themed bouquets with pine cones and white flowers. The same can be applied to the ring bearer pillow. Fake ice is as great an opportunity as faux snow, and it can help you to achieve an otherworldly effect with transparent, ‘ghost’ chairs and tables. This provides a magical effect as it looks as though your guests and their food are floating on thin air as they eat. The effect is enhanced by the draping of cosy throws over the furniture. They also have the advantage of not upsetting the colour palette at all: the perfect wintry wedding should comprise tasteful hues of white and silver, perhaps with a touch of gold for such a special, gilded occasion. The special touches don’t have to end with the venue itself, either, and a horse-drawn carriage away from the venue for the bride and groom is the perfect way to begin married life together.

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