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Planning your big wedding day

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Your big wedding requires the best people; the kind that have the right intentions. Sadly, there are many vendors who won’t be suitable for your wedding – usually for a variety of reasons. When you meet would-be vendors you first need to ascertain if you’ll be able to get along.

There are some personality types that simply don’t mesh well with others, and no matter how talented a wedding vendor might be, if you can’t communicate well with them (for whatever reason), the result won’t be pretty. And so make sure you find a vendor that communicates clearly and understands your needs.

Before you meet in person, you’d be wise to see a complete portfolio of the person’s work. If it isn’t any good, and you only see it after you’ve met, then you would have wasted both your time and theirs. Efficiency is the key when it comes to having a stress free wedding plan.

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After you’ve looked at their portfolio, take a look at the online reviews they’ve provided on their site. Afterwards, also look for unsolicited reviews on sites such as Yelp.com so that you build an overall image of their services. Only then arrange to meet them, and if possible encourage them to provide you with relevant samples of their work. The kind of samples that closely match the kind of work they’d be doing at your wedding.

After you’ve decided that a wedding vendor is a good fit, ask your venue planners about the wedding vendors you are considering. They will be able to determine if they are in actuality a good fit for your wedding day. That will mean you will get a clearer picture of how they would fit in with the rest of your wedding arrangements.

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If you notice that a wedding vendor doesn’t advertise the fact that they have: a license, insurance, a contract, staff (you want to have a backup person to contact), booking space, substantial experience – then it’s best to avoid them. Making the wrong decision on a wedding vendor could severely impact how you feel about how your wedding panned out.

Choose carefully, and be sure you meet them in person after you’ve determined they’re a good fit. With the wedding planners at the Grand Ballroom at the Montcalm London, you can be sure they’ll help you make the right decision. The hotel is one of the more famous wedding hotels in London.

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