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What to Do If Rehearsal Dinner Venue Changes Last Minute

This is really something to think about seriously. A person who plans for everything is well aware of the fact that things will always not work in the same way as planned and decided. It may be so that you are highly organized. Still there are certain things you will not be able to manage till the last minute. In case of the brides the changes can be managed. However, people coming for the reception know how things will be offered and the last minute changes will make then find the arrangement done in a different way. This is upsetting.

This can be the case in matters of rehearsal dinner venue. You need to do something in case you have planned the dinner already and have even sent out the invitations. At the end you are told that there is something wrong with the decided venue and things have to be changed in the last minute. Arranging for a new venue all of a sudden is a big task. However, you have to do things in the last hour and even have to inform the guests about the change. There are experts to do everything in the last minute. You have to rely on them.

When you are in a hurry in matters of changing the venue you can book for the Grand Ballroom At The Montcalm London. This is the best ever venue for a memorable wedding. The space is huge and you can accommodate more than the required number of guests. The general décor of the place is stupendous and you have the hotel staffs ready to help you with everything even in the last minute. They will learn from you regarding the last minute changes and they would be glad to act accordingly. The hotel staffs will help you with all the prerequisites and these are enough materials to help the space appear so perfectly elegant and apt for the ceremony.

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It may b so that you are not responsible for the last minute change. In this case you can call for the service manager and he is the person who has to do everything to arrange for a new venue in time and inform the guests accordingly. Most of the venues have extra spaces like the attached restaurants and the brewery. These spaces can be well utilised for the purpose. It may be so that you find the number of guests is exceeding the list. This is when the extra space is going to yield.

In fact, if the person is charge is responsible for the mishap he has to do all things to make up for the damage. He can offer for the discounted catering of the beer and this they would serve for free in the new venue. They can even cover the cost of the new invitations being sent. However, don’t push too hard for the cost to get covered. In case you can manage please try and bear the cost yourself. A free job always loses quality. Therefore, it is best that you mend things yourself.

You have some of the Stylish & Luxury Wedding Venues London. You can willingly make use of these venues and they are great to serve for the last minute accommodation and arrangement. After the new venue is set it is time now that you inform the guests accordingly about the change that has occurred. For this you need to sit and update the wedding website and this will cause the news to reflect at the earliest. Now, people will come to know about the last minute change online and this will help them get ready for a new venue this time.

However, there is always a section of the guest who would take no interest in your wedding website. They are not used to look online for the latest changes being made. Thus, you have to do something in order to inform the section of the people regarding the new venue sand new time. You can arrange for small cards for the changed invitation and send them to the respective addresses. It is best and it is wise to mail the information to all the guests in the list. This will save you from the hassle of notifying people individually.

You can even ask the parents and the wedding party to start spreading the news. In the way the information will be passed down from one person to the other and this way the reality would soon spread among the crowd. The parents can text the friends and other concerned guests in the list. You can even call up people and tell them about the latest changes being made. In fact, you have to be prompt to spread the word of change in matters of the new wedding venue. In case the rehearsal dinner is not so big you can end up things by making personal calls. This should be followed by an email mentioning the change in the address and the time.

If the venue is new there can be more changes to be done at the last moment. If the venue is far compared to the previous setting then it is necessary that you have to arrange for cabs for the guests. They will finish up with the dinner at night and then you should provide with a shuttle to help them reach to the respective destination with the least of hassle ever.

Once again if you feel that the new venue is mundane and the place does not come with the readymade glamour you can call for the external decorator. He is the person to take a look at the place and he would call for the short and the fast decorations to make the place appear just like a sophisticated wedding venue. The expert decorator with his personal team will try to revive the look of the place with all things essential and lovely. It is just reviving the life of the venue to make the guests feel warm and invited.

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