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Relax as the big day approaches, organisation and planning is key to enjoyment

From being a little girl every bride knows what she wants her day to be, so once the proposal stage has happened and been accepted what is next? This is where planning a wedding becomes over whelming and organisation skills really need to surface.

Planning a wedding needs to be realistic, setting a budget is everything and keeping within this budget is essential to keeping things under control. It is said today that the average wedding cost approximately £21,000 and the average guest list is 96 people long.  Planning a wedding organising invitations, wedding favours, photographer, a cake, dress, the groom, the venue and so much more, then there are themes, colour schemes the wedding party and even more. Often people are so busy with work and other life commitments that weddings are put on hold and often delayed, or a wedding planner get drafted in to finalise everything and to make all the arrangements. If one is a bride on a mission to plan and organise her own special day then attending wedding shows and wedding fairs re the best way to get many different contacts and ideas when it comes to the big day.


Every wedding should be what the bride and groom want, it should be a day that brings the two families together and that the couple will remember as the day they celebrated and showcased their love for one and other.  A wedding is a special time and one of the biggest celebrations in any family, weddings in all religions are a happy occasion and celebrated differently, some last a day, some last up to a week and anything in between. Some weddings have hundreds of guests others have a smaller and more intimate idea when it comes to celebrating their love.

There have been phases over the past few years where many people have opted to go abroad and tie in the wedding and honeymoon and celebrate with a few close friends and family, whilst this might save much of the dramas that surround a wedding it is not seen as traditional, there are so any different ideas and approaches to a wedding and often as women we know what we want, however as the budget is set and the realism is up on us we tend to change our ideas to be a little more accommodating and budget friendly.

When it comes to extravagance at home and a wedding where all our families and friends can celebrate there is no end to spectacular, especially with so many venues and planners offer the William and Kate experience and wedding day luxury is only a phone call away. Since the Royal wedding 4 years ago the demand for luxury in London has heightened, this is all well and good for many of the top hotels that offer some of the most extravagant wedding experiences like the grand ballroom at the Montcalm, it is one of the most desirable locations for any luxury wedding. It is situated at the top of Park Lane and offers the finest experience as well as most memorable day known to man when it comes to a wedding celebration.

As one might imagine when it comes to weddings here the waiting list can be extensive, depending on the time of year one is hoping to book, the sooner one takes a look the better chance there is of getting the dream day on that special date. For people who do not have any specific dates in mind they are more likely to get a booking earlier. There are many different wedding packages here for the bride and groom to choose from, there is also an excellent and experienced planning team on hand to ensure that the day runs as smoothly as possible, after all no bride wishes to worry about the little details and time scales, allow for the professionals to take all the pressure. As mentioned earlier, many people opt for a wedding planner, whilst this is beneficial, with a dedicated team like the one available at the Montcalm a wedding planner isn’t always required.

Planning a wedding is half of the fun, it is a busy and hectic time in any woman’s life, from choosing the flowers to sorting out the seating plan, however, it is often the most fun that most women have, organising and arranging everyone and wen the day arrives not only can ones hard work really be seen, but also enjoying the day is much easier knowing that all the hard work over the years or months has really paid off. There is no moment more proud for a groom to see his bride approaching and seeing her as happy as she should be on her wedding day and for her to know that all of her hard work has paid off.

Celebrate your wedding how you want to, visit fares, shows and festivals for ideas, browse hotels, venues and halls and make sure that your special day is exactly what you hope it to be. Remember this day should be with you for a life time, make the memories you and others will want to remember.wers to sorting outhe dramas that surround a wedding it is not seen as traditional when it comes to ceebrating with

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