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Hospitality is everything and only the best should be expected

Many people today live a life that is convenient because they are so busy with the day to day running’s of business, family and other commitments, often people will choose to stay at hotels for long durations of time, this is not only convenient as food is provided, laundry is done and secretarial services can be available, it also fits in with many people. However, for hotels that offer long stay services, especially in London, they can sometimes lose their touch, or prioritise their guests, whether someone is staying for a night, a weekend, a week, or a month, hospitality should always be of the highest standard and should be something that all guests are able to positively comment on.


People who choose to stay in hotels for long durations often find that after a number of nights the service and hospitality starts to lack and familiarity is taking pace, whilst some people might like this, and might see this as a welcomed shift in relationship other people prefer to keep things as professional as possible to save complications and interference when it comes to their stay. Maintaining a professional relationship at all times should be on the top of all agendas when it comes to hotel services, no matter how short or long the guest might be staying.

There are few places, especially in London that are able to maintain and keep up the high standard that is expected of them, often it is the higher end hotels that are able to keep the professionalism at all times, as well as remaining welcoming no matter how often they might be faced with guests, there is a fine line between being friendly and welcoming and keeping it professional and staff getting complacent with the guests and too familiar with them.

There is also the other side of hospitality when it comes to London, and that is the more social aspect, for instance a venue where a celebration is being held, maybe a wedding, or anniversary, birthday or charity event, a corporate do or something more relaxed, either way when one is hoping to have a celebration then hospitality is everything. Venues for celebrations are dotted all over the capital city, it all depends on what ones budget might be, if one is seeking something mind blowing and special memorable and attractive then the grand ballroom at the Montcalm is one of the most desirable venues that is available, with sparkling crystal chandeliers, accommodation and space for over 100 guests and  service to put any other venue to shame this is the perfect choice for any memorable event.

The location is perfect as it is at the top of Park Lane, so transport links are wonderful the central line will take guests almost to the door step of the venue. When it comes to being spectacular there is not place more perfect in the capital city, it is the ultimate choice when it comes to being elaborate and when one is seeking a luxury and extravagant celebration. And as the grand ball room is situated within the hotel there are also rooms available for bookings, so whether one is hoping to have just the ball room or maybe room reservations also, all is possible here.

One of the wonderful things and attractions about this venue is the staff here, not only they are very accommodating, they also have a dedicated team on hand to make sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible, the team of planners are organised and professional and cater to all of ones needs and requirements, they have an extensive list of contacts and are able to arrange almost anything one wishes to accomplish. Not many of the competing hotels can offer the same high levels of service and hospitality when it comes to large lavish events.

For a smooth running and enjoyable experience it pays to pay a little more to have the best of everything at ones finger tips, it allows for guests to relax more, for the host to have a stress free and no pressure evening also. This is more so important if the celebration is a wedding, no bride wants to be bogged down on her day with things going wring or schedules not running to scale, whilst having the dedicated team on had they are able to take all the flack and pressure that the bride can avoid.

With any stay within any city in the world, or any celebration no matter how lavish the service and hospitality is everything, it keeps guests happy and allows for them enjoy their evening, in return the hosts have thrown a successful bash and everyone can be happy with the final out come.

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